Why should you change your view of death?

Understanding the nature of death, as described throughout the Bible, can help you confront the unpleasantness of one’s own death by relying on Scripture. It can greatly help a person in removing some or all of our natural fear of death. Knowing how God described it to his prophets, and to his apostles, can be useful for dealing with the fear. Also, there are other practical benefits to both individuals and to Christianity that include understanding major doctrines better.

Reading what Scripture says about death

The study of God – called theology – is not just for theologians and academics. Loving God was identified by Jesus Christ as the greatest commandment of all, even higher than loving other people. So, one way to express even more love for our Creator and Savior is to listen to God, to read about God directly from the Bible, and also to study something that several writers of Scripture have specifically discussed, directly or indirectly: the nature of death and our resurrection from the dead. 

Immortality of the soul

The main focus of WhenPeopleDie.org / WhenPeopleDie.com is on the nature of death, resurrection, immortality, and the nature of the soul according to Scripture. A bridge is provided here between the land of the church and the other side of the river, academia. This online bridge can make it easier for both the leaders in the church, and lay persons (who either sit in church regularly or only occasionally attend church) to access the important work produced within academia on these issues. 

Making YOUR Bible study more fruitful:

This website can assist your study by …

including interpretations of Scripture from a large number of people in various denominations from those within academia (as seminary professors, for example) using biblical commentaries;

And to a lesser extent …

from those in the church too (i.e., who are not professors, but are still serious students of Scripture), plus, by using a wide variety of different translations and versions of the Bible; 

All so that curious Christians can …

read and analyze, in a proper way, everything (hopefully) that every writer in the Bible has suggested either explicitly (as bold statements) or implicitly (as hints) as seen in the Bible;

That eventually culminates …

in placing a value on the repetition of certain ideas while systematically reducing the large volume of relevant texts down;

To the point that …

one can authoritatively assert that according to all of Scripture “this is what really happens to the invisible part of a person that provides identity and uniqueness (the soul/mind) between the point of death and the point of our resurrection from the dead;”

And why this subject …

should be seen as relevant and even important to you to understand “what happens when people die.”


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See JOHN-3-16.ORG for more discussion about the nature of death and our resurrection from the dead as encapsulated within the most famous passage (traditionally) in Scripture.